Quality process Implementation Company (QPIC)

QPIC Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Is a registered company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (CIN: U72501KL2018PTC055940) is focused on Educational Institutions, Universities and Examination Boards QPIC provides technology by means of a unique IT-as-a-Service model, offering an end-to-end business solutions. It caters to the needs of multiple segments, through innovative, easy-to-use, secure, integrated, hosted solutions in a build-as-you-grow, pay-as-you-use business model. QPIC serves its clients with the help of best practices gained through.

Integrated solutions

We as a cloud-based solution offer single-window technology platform with a pre-integrated suite of integrating all functions of your institutions. We ensure that your functions are digitized, automated and connected. For example, if you are using a financial solution along with a core ERP (e.g an Educational ERP) and have a document management system to organize supporting files and an HRMS, we ensure that these solutions are connected and work as one.

Custom-made Solutions

Although QPIC is a cloud service for education, exam boards and universities, the software is configurable to each client. You will always get the flavour of your business by picking and choosing what processes you would need.



Auto Upgrades

We continuously invest in our cloud-based solutions to incorporate best practices. The solution is constantly enriched based on user feedback and industry and statutory changes. You will get the upgrades without disrupting your business operations or any additional cost.

Enhanced Business Continuity

Our solution offers optimal performance in normal broadband connectivity along with a security mechanism to ensure your data privacy is maintained.

Our Team
Deepesh Divakaran, Managing Director (DIN: 08303954)

deepesh@qpic.in | Phone: +91 8086 01 5111

Founded the company 7 years ago to service the Education industry through his immense knowledge he gained through his research and as a teacher. Deepesh with more than 10 years of Industry experience is a Quality, product and Training expert spearheading the company to greater heights.  

Archana Vijayan, Director (Operations) (DIN: 08303955)

archana@qpic.in | Phone: +91 8086 01 9111

Archana is Education expert spearheading the company operations, projects and client engagements. Archana is Education Graduate from Kerala and looks after our Kerala Operations.  

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