Super charge your Admission Enquiries

Integrate your website and Social Platforms to keep track of your Admission Enquiries


Run super efficient Hybrid Classroom

Conduct and Manage the Hybrid Classroom integrated with Any types of Contents

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Run Certification and Non Curricular programs

Provide Certification courses to your students on Employable Hard and Soft Skills


Super Control your Income and Expenses

Manage and Track Student Accounts with collaboration of expenses and Income


100% Efficiency in your Enrollments

Create Custom Application Form, Onboard Students, Collect Documents and Map Correct Fees


Run Integrated effortless operations

Integrate your HR ,Stores, Canteen, Transport, Hostel and Enable Cashless Transactions


Run sophisticated Evaluations Process

Manage and Track your Assessments either Offline or Online and Map to Progress Card


Bring your data to life using BI/Analytics

Integrate your website and Social Platforms to keep track of your Admission Enquiries


Enhance Fees Collection through simple snippet

Pay Fees Through Offline or Online Platforms and integrate payment gateway with Easy Fees Financing


Central Calendar with Events and Meetings

Manage Events and Meetings with Google Calendar and Document Management


Manage your Employees with Care

Integrated Human Resource Management with Salary, Attendance and Key Performance

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Connect your Alumni on Single Platform

Track your Students even after they graduate and engage them on Campus Growth

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